The devices and services offered by the top IT rental companies

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Thinking about renting digital devices for your need? Take a look!

Devices available for lease

iMac: Most of the rental companies have a wide range of options. 21 and 27 inches iMac models are the most common and you will find them easily with the IT rental companies. Whether you need them for short term or long term you can get both.


 Mac Book Pro: Whether you are looking for style or utility, MacBook Pro Rental offers both. There are many types of MacBook devices available for lease with varying specifications. Also, if you have any specific needs you can get the Pro accordingly.

 Mac Mini: If you have space issues and are looking for something that can fit into a small space and yet give top performance, Mac Mini Rental is perfect for you. They come with preloaded applications but if you have any specific needs you can get it customized.


 iPad: You can get access to a wide range of iPad devices for hire. These devices are often required in large numbers at special events. Instead of buying them all, you can get them on lease whenever you need. This will save you a lot of money. They also come with the preinstalled apps but if you need something specific you can always let the Ipad Rental company know. There are many types of iPad devices in the market and most of the good rental companies have them all. For instance, you can rent iPad with retina display, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. You can also rent the accessories such as quad stand, wall mounts, floor stand, counter stand, and even the SIM cards. iPad Conference Rent

 Laptops: Now there is no need to buy the laptops too. No matter the purpose you need the laptops for, you can pick from the extensive collection available with the IT rental companies. These companies often have the collection of the top brands and you can pick from the wide range of configuration options. Dell, Samsung, IBM, or Lenovo, they have it all. They feature the latest operating systems and applications.


 AV devices: If you need to put the AV devices on display you can rent them at the reasonable prices. Whether you need the large LED screens, wide wall rentals, computer monitors, sound systems, or full HD projectors, everything is available.

Services offered

 Here is the list of the services offered:

 Installation: If you need help with the installation of the devices the rental companies will provide you with the manpower and expertise for it. Usually there are extra charges associated with it but you can confirm with the company if they have any special packages. Renting iPads


 One-site support: Besides the installation you also get the on-site support from the rental companies. This is important because if something goes wrong you would want to make sure that there is someone to fix the problem.

 Software installation: The devices come with certain preinstalled software programs. However, if you need any specific program you can request the rental company and they will provide that to you. This saves you a lot of time and hassles.

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